Michele McMillan – Developer, Artist, Creative, Problem Solver

As a software developer and artist, Michele McMillan is working to combine and leverage her multiple talents and diversify the creative fields.

The founder of CuteHotShot.com, Michele McMillan is a 33-year-old, African-American software developer, public speaker, and event promoter who has pivoted her career into the creative fields, focusing on film, games, fashion, and comic books. She made her entrance into film production nearly twenty years ago, developing her skills as an editor, technical director, and camera operator. Because of this experience and her aptitude in software development, she brings to all of her artistic endeavors a strong, uniquely balanced analytical and creative mind.

Diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, Michele has fought bravely through her illness, setting an example for those around her. As trying as her experiences with breast cancer have proven, she has remained focused on others, striving to raise awareness for breast cancer. She is steadfast in her work to support other breast cancer patients and survivors, in addition to her other activism work – emphasizing housing for the less fortunate.

Thanks to her distinctive style, Michele is rapidly making a name for herself as an artist. She combines sleek imagery with snappy, vibrant characters, developing scenes that work across multiple media. Because of this, she is gradually shifting her focus from software development and technology toward her creative projects, seeing in all of the creative fields an opportunity not only to express herself but to change the world. She is devoted to diversifying the creative fields, making herself a role model for African-American girls and those who are living with cancer – showing them that they too can break through any barriers and bring their dreams to life.

A graduate of Harold Washington College, of the City Colleges of Chicago, Michele earned her degree in Chemistry. She then went on to earn a certification as a SharePoint Administrator, learning an invaluable skill that she has leveraged to the benefit of world-class teams, guiding them through all of the intricacies of SharePoint and demystifying the platform for them.

As a software developer, Michele has served such major organizations and institutions as Toshiba, Codementor, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and California State University at Long Beach. She has exhibited an innate drive and undeniable ambition at every stage of her career, from her work in technology to her more recent work overseeing film, video game, fashion, and comic book projects. Long-term she also plans on launching her own organization that will create and facilitate employment opportunities for the disabled.

Due to cutting-edge medication, Michele is not currently in a wheelchair, but as her spine continues to collapse, the status of her health going forward remains unclear. She stays busy even when she is not working on a specific project, learning both Mandarin and Japanese and playing her guitar and her banjo. Her energy for the right projects, especially those she has drawn from her own imagination and that tell the stories that she is so eager to tell, is endless. She is on a mission – to create, any way that she can, every single day.