A Hope for Innocence

While monitoring the security of her small, enclosed village, a nun notices that people outside the walls have begun behaving more primitively. At first she is not concerned with their strange ritualistic and sometimes violent ways, as television is her main connection to the outside world. That changes when a mysterious young man requests help over the radio. Influenced by a sordid past of her own, the nun wants to rescue the man, but this causes tension within her community, as the other members are resistant to the idea.

What follows is a tense, silent indie comic that explores the meaning behind community as people try to make sense of strange rituals, unwelcomed strangers, and hidden histories within their own community.

“Told through striking black and white images, the unique creativity behind A Hope for Innocence is evident from the very first page. Despite her mysterious past, readers will immediately connect with the nun and grow invested in her journey, as well as the world unfolding around her.”

Enter the Captivating Word of A Hope for Innocence

With creativity, imagination, and passion flowing from every page, A Hope for Innocence offers readers a glimpse into a strange world that is sure to spark their interest. Though this black and white story features some dark imagery, it also offers a healthy dosage of the same vibrant tone Cutehotshot readers have come to expect from our comics.
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