Western In Noir

What would you do if a revolution changed everything you thought you knew about America? That’s the question Elliot and Risky are facing in Western in Noir, as a new post-revolution government takes shape in the United States and changes their lives forever.
Elliot looks for answers in the CEA, a strange underground cabal that has recruited him into their ranks while Risky is focused on protecting her rural farm at all costs. Unfortunately, Elliot crosses a bootlegger and goes AWOL leaving Risky to deal with the fallout. She is arrested and sent to a seedy brothel but remains committed to protecting her farm no matter what.

“Western in Noir is a timely film that transports the viewer to the near-future, where everything in the United States has changed. Younger viewers will relate to Risky, the film’s hero, as she struggles to protect what is hers and maintain control of her beloved farm.”

Discover the Magic of Western in Noir for Yourself

Western in Noir is a female-created project that highlights an engaging new voice in indie film. The unique characters, plot, and setting are tailor-made for this moment in time and are destined to connect with the Gen-Z and Millennial audiences who want fresh, original stories with strong female and minority characters.
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