Muted Reality

Developed through the 2020 Game Jam, Muted Reality takes players on a scientifically accurate adventure as they scour a vibrant, colorful landscape for salvageable electronic components. Built in just 48-hours using the Babylon JS Javascript library, this aesthetically pleasing twist on the scavenger game genre offers the untapped potential to create hours of fun.
While many games focus on dark, violent imagery, Muted Worlds provides gamers with a unique opportunity to fine-tune creative, problem-solving skills in an environment that is colorful, cute, and grounded in reality.

By combining scientific accuracy with engaging gameplay, Muted Reality was designed to resonate with younger Gen-Z gamers while remaining accessible to non-gamers who are interested in exploring new virtual worlds.

Immerse Yourself in a Thrilling New Adventure

In Muted Reality’s quick proof of concept demo, players must locate the required electronic components to build a working radio. This short, playable mission serves as the perfect introduction to Cutehotshot’s potential as a major player in female/minority-led indie games. Experience Muted Reality for yourself today.

Play Proof of Concept:

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