Law of Average


Meet Ruama, a domestic robot on a faraway planet with limitless magical abilities and advanced scientific knowledge – a world where people no longer need to work. Robots like Ruama, originally programmed for militaristic purposes, have no war to fight and now perform domestic household tasks and routine labor.
For those with magical abilities at the top, this utopian world might seem perfect, but Ruama isn’t happy. When she gains sentience, she realizes that this limitless world was actually modeled on a less advanced planet – earth. She embarks on a journey of self-discovery towards this origin world, making new friends along the way.

“Law of Average takes the reader on a captivating journey that effortlessly blends uplifting entertainment with important human themes. The protagonist might be a sentient robot on a faraway planet, but the story told is human and deeply relatable to Gen-Z indie comic fans right here on earth.”

A Fresh New Voice in Indie Comics

As the brainchild of a female creator, Law of Average puts a fresh, creative spin on the classic robot adventure. Like all of the projects under the Cutehotshot company banner, Ruama’s journey takes something with surface-level familiarity and turns it into a unique experience overflowing with creativity and passion.